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Thu Nga is living and working in California, USA. Thu Nga is currently a Medical Records Clerk in a hospital but always wishes to have a backup plan for the future. This online business has really changed my life, giving Thu Nga an opportunity to develop myself, and getting to know many friends around the globe. Thu Nga feels to be living into a global family. This global family always supports and accompanies me anytime and anywhere in my success and life.

Thu Nga is really grateful for this work as finding a solution for my future plans. Thu Nga looks forward to connecting and accompanying you everywhere!

Love and gratitude!

- ThuNga Pham

What People Are Saying:

Hi, I'm Don and Kim living in Las Vegas with my 2 sons and grandchildren. Currently, Don and my wife are both at home taking care of their grandson and the owner of this online business. Kim used to be a pharmacy technician; Don was an insurance agent and a real estate agent. With a busy life of food, bills and living expenses, we have missed many of our children's milestones.

Before discovering this amazing global online business model, I was the owner of an online business - Amazon selling partners. I feel that I’m very lucky when I stumbled upon this online business. And, after 4 days of thorough research, I had to say: “Why don’t do it because this is really the most modern and flexible smart business model I have ever seen.”

After 14 months of doing this business, we gradually achieved important milestones and stepped towards success. We have more time for my children and grandchildren; and can travel everywhere without worrying about finances. This business has helped to completely change the quality of our wife's life.

Extremely grateful to this business community.

My name is Oanh Trinh; I am from Hanoi, Vietnam. Previously, I had nearly 20 years of experience working in the education industry. Currently, my husband and I have managed our family travel company. And, we also run this online business in parallel.

Ana has spent many years as a hired employee, then a traditional business owner. Now, Ana feels that this online business has really liberated me. Ana is able to be flexible in time and finances, in control of my work and life in the way I desire. This humanitarian business has given me the opportunity to spread good values and helped change the lives of many people.

Hello, my name is Nhu Doan and I’m living in Texas, USA with my husband and baby son. When I first joined this online business, I was working in the beauty industry doing nails, facial and eyelash extensions. At the time, I ran my online business parallel with my current job. After 1 year of running this business, I decided to quit my job and focus on my own business at home and to take care of my son.

It's been almost 3 years since I joined the business and I can share with you that his business has given me more time to take care of my son and my family. Thanks for this business, I was able to buy a house, a car and helped my family in Vietnam. My quality of life has improved. I have no longer to ask for anyone's permission if I can take a day off or if I can take a vacation. I don't have to follow anyone's schedule anymore because I am now my own boss.

I am grateful to the community and the system of this business!

Như Đoàn

Kim and Don

Ana Oanh Trinh

Hello, my name is Tam Tran. I am originally from Vietnam and I have been in the US for nearly 10 years. Currently, I am a Realtor in Colorado and I also own my Online Business.

Tam has worked many jobs: finance, nails, insurance, and a business on Ebay. My passion is in business. I love to travel and always seeking for time and financial freedom. After my previous work experiences, Tam realized that online business is very suitable for me because I have a smart system that works for me.

Now, Tam can visit my family more often in Vietnam, travel more, and have time for myself and my family. Moreover, the most importantly thing, I don’t worry about my finances because I can take my business with me anywhere and anytime.

Tam is not good at English and technology, but I can do this job because my desires to succeed surpass my fear. You will do, too! Give yourself an opportunity to learn about this online business and join with us to become an online business entrepreneur.

The way we go, you can go!

I'm Sen Hoang, a Buddhism nun, practicing in Florida. Because I want to be financially self-sufficient for myself and have a meaningful life, Sen boldly joined this online business. After more than a year of joining it, Sen is very happy and happy because this business model has helped me to have a stable source of income and have more time to meditate every day without having to worry about finances.

Sen really feels very happy and happy to have had such a great job. I have met so many successful and happy people in this global digital business environment. Now, I not only settle down my life but also have a large business community with full of positive energy, full of love and sharing with each other at work as well as in daily life.

And, I want to spread this love and online business to everyone, to those who are looking forward to having a satisfactory job, having more time for loved ones and more importantly, working in a positive, compassionate environment.

Always love and grateful this online business!

Hello, my name is Kevin Nguyen and I am living in New Jersey, USA.

Currently I am working full time in Physiotherapy but have always wish to have a backup plan for the future.

I joined this business a year and a half ago and this is the best decision I've ever made. This online business has really changed my life as well as many other people. It has given me more time with my family and I also get to know a lot of people around the world. What's the most important is that this online business has great potential in terms of growth and income in the future!

I am really grateful for this business!

Kevin Nguyen

Tam Ngoc Minh Tran

Sen Hoang

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in terms of ten years, plant a tree;

in terms of 100 years, teach the people.

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